Prof. Daniel Shek, Chairman, Family Council

The DADs Network is very important for three reasons. First, it provides a good forum for dads to express their views and emotions. As men are socialized not to express their feelings easily in the traditional Chinese culture, this is a good initiative to help dads to voice out their joy as well as their pain as dads. Second, it is a good place for dads to learn. In the good old days, it was commonly believed that men would “naturally” know how to be good fathers. With the growing complexity of the society, we believe that we have to learn the scientific and professional on parenting. Finally, it is a good place for dads to have mutual support. By joining the DADs Network, fathering is no long a lonely business.


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Mr. Jason Wong, Founder of Dads For Live Movement, Singapore

Singapore launched its Dads for Life movement in Nov 2009. Thousands of families, especially children, have benefited as result. I am very honoured to be invited to be a participating partner of DADs Network. I hope many business, community, government, and religious leaders will actively support this initiative. I truly believe what you seek to do for fathers and their families in Hong Kong will have a national as well as a generational impact.

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The Honourable Gregory W. Slayton, Author of "Be A Better Dad Today"

It is great to see DADs Network getting up and going in Hong Kong. The truth is that good Dads are key to a happy and successful family (as are good Moms of course). But frequently it is harder for a Dad to focus on his family and to make it the priority he knows it should be. There are no perfect Dads, but I am sure that DADs Network will help many men in Hong Kong to be better Dads...and to have fun doing it. And that is going to benefit them, their families and all of Hong Kong. All the very best to my friends at DADs Network on this historic launch!!!

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Ms Wong, Christian Alliance Toi Shan H C Chan Primary School

Parental education is not an easy task in school, and DADS Network approaches it in a different way - to promote active fathering culture at school.  It reminds fathers that they play an important role in the growing up of his child.  Seeing fathers that took part in "Date with Dad" program are usually the busy working group, however, they are willing to participate the activity and connect with their children is really amazing. Through interactive activity, they worked together to create their very own picture books.I believe that this precious moment left

I believe that this precious moment left deep memory for both the child and father. What children need, is not a supply of expensive items, but it's father's companionship that is very precious to children. Thanks DADS Network for their thoughtful arrangement, therefore allowing father and child to experience a pleasant and unforgettable morning.

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